About us – Company history

Our company began with 5 employees on rented premises in Selb in the year 1979. Beyond ceramic printing, the challenges already then tending towards graphic and technical screen-printing were taken on and accomplished. In addition, the pad-printing procedure for the technical field was introduced.

Since 1988 KOLB-SIEBDRUCK has been manufacturing in Wunsiedel on its own 1000m2 premises. In the year 2000 an additional manufacturing hall of 600m2 was rented.

In January 1999 we installed the DQS certified “DIN EN ISO 9001” quality management system. This resulted from a decision to constantly improve product quality and ensure that the quality of our operation can adjust to future challenges. Today we work according to the process oriented “Quality Management System, DIN EN ISO 9001 – 2015”.

Our philosophy is:
“Central to all deliberation and all dealing is the human being!”

Our company principles are:

In order to lead and operate our company successfully it is essential to manage and steer it systematically and perceptibly. Quality policy forms the basis of our company principles.

At present we have 20 employees and produce for technical and graphic screen- and pad-print products having high quality requirements, now and in the future.


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Firmengebäude in Wunsiedel / Holenbrunn