Our development team find new ways and solution possibilities for your requirements too.

The development and manufacture of innovative foil technologies
(e.g IN MOULD DECORATION) presents new challenges for our team again and again.

IMD / IML: The innovative surface finishing
One of the most effective and most economical possibilities is the decoration of a part during the injection moulding procedure.
With the “In Mould Decoration” process (IMD), a printed and stamped (possibly three dimensionally formed as well) foil (IML) is laid into the cavity of the injection moulding machine and back moulded.

Foil technology also utilised for lighting fixtures
The utilisation of foil technology for lighting fixtures conceals a multitude of creative possibilities for the economical realisation of design and technical requirements e.g. of exposure values

Lettering and marking system
The lettering and marking system using micro-perforated polycarbonate foils has versatile utilisation possibilities.
These micro-perforation foils can be individually lettered and marked in the laser printer.

Corona preliminary treatment
A lot of plastics require surface treatment before printing. With a Corona treatment the surface tension is raised significantly thereby increasing the adhesion of the print, or even rendering it at all possible.

Plaque gear-shift

Light fitting by Regiolux

material: Lexan Film 8B35